Please fill in the following:

Please answer no, if unsure

1 . What is the size of your property?

Due to your available land size, you are not entitled to build a Granny Flat.

How large is your property (in sqm)?

2 . Have you already designed and put in all documentation to begin building a granny flat?
3 . Do you have a copy of a sewer diagram for your property?

(usually attached to your contract of sale. If yes, please upload the picture.)

 Yes No

Does the Sewer Mains run through the middle of the rear yard? Or on a neighbouring property close to your boundary

4 . Do you have a Section 149 document from your local council no older than 3 months?

(usually attached to your contract of sale)

 Yes No

5 . Do any significant trees (Native Trees, higher than 5 metres tall) need to be removed?
6 . Does your property slope towards the front of the property?
7 . Can Trade Vehicles access the yard where the granny flat will be built?
8 . Please choose from a granny flat design or select custom design if preferred.
 The LUX
 Custom Design
9 . Is the property currently used for rent?
10 . Reason for building granny flat
11 . How did you find out about us?

12 . Property / Your Information     (information can be found on your contract of sale)

Name of property owner
Residing address
Proposed site Lot No
Proposed site DP. NO.
Proposed site address
Contact number
Email address