Build The Perfect Retreat With Our Granny Flats In Sydney. Maximise your rent, by turning your Sydney Investments capital growth into a granny flat further increasing your returns, we can help you with a broker that can assist you with the best direction to make more from your investment.

Add value to your property and look after your loved ones by building a granny flat in your backyard. At Ages Build, our builders create the most exquisite and high quality granny flats in Sydney. We specialise in producing simple, efficient and sustainable designs that produce great economic returns for your specific site. Whilst maintaining a modern interior that highlights its ability to create an appealing and spacious atmosphere.

Premium designs

At Ages Build, our builders and designers create the most modern and innovative granny flat designs in Sydney. Select from our large range of designs for granny flats or have one of our designers sit with you one on one to help create that designer living space you so deserve.

In order for us to asses your eligibility please select on the link below

Our Services Include

  • Site assessment
  • Provision of a Section 149 certificate
  • Complete preliminary planning
  • Private certification
  • Provision of a construction certificate
  • Engineering
  • Complete custom design, including client design feed back changes
  • Construction at any level or stage
  • Landscaping
  • Provisoin of occupation certificate

Granny Flat prices in Sydney

Our range of pricing are all site specific and tailored to your budget, we strive to meet everyones expectations, and willing to negotiate on particular factors should the subject be reasonable.

Build a granny flat now

If you need a skilled and trustworthy granny flat builder in Sydney, then you need Ages Build. To see if your property is suitable for the construction of a granny flat, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you ASAP. Please feel free to contact our builders with any questions about our services or prices on 0407 435 993.

The KELINA 2 bedroom 60m2 granny flat


The KELINA is a 2 bedroom 60m2 granny flat.


The CIKKA1 bedroom 60m2 Granny Flat


The “CIKKA” is a 1 bedroom 60m2 Granny Flat.



The CARMELO 2 bedroom 60m2 granny flat


The CARMELO is a 2 bedroom 60m2 granny flat.



The CASOLARE 2 bedroom 60-100m2 granny flat


The CASOLARE is a 2 bedroom 60-100m2 granny flat.


The GULINA 2 bedroom 78m2 granny flat


The GULINA is a 2 bedroom 78m2 granny flat.


The LUX 2 bedroom 92m2 granny flat


The LUX is a 2 bedroom 92m2 granny flat.



The SALVATORE 2 bedroom 60m2 granny flat


The SALVATORE is a 2 bedroom 60m2 granny flat.




All granny flats include:

Connection and supply of new meter (Excludes any upgrades to existing board or cables)

Sewer Connection to Granny flat

Water Connection to Granny Flat

Supply of extra conduit for phone lines/ cables etc.

Installation of external water tap and installation of sub water meter.

Installation of new electrical switchboard, with RCD and external PowerPoint

Excavation and removal of 400mm diameter at 600mm deep piers

310mm thick Reinforced engineered concrete slab

Custom on-site cut 4×2 timber framing and roof

Vinyl Cladding

Colourbond roof sheeting / Concrete roof tile (specific to design)

Colourbond Gutters, fascia and barge capping

Insulation to walls and ceilings

Aluminium Windows to meet BASIX

Villa board to all wet areas

Plasterboard lining through out

Water proofing systems to bathroom, laundry and throughout the kitchen sink region, with integrated dry waste

Bathroom and laundry to have all floors, skirting and wet area splash zones tiled

Bathrooms include; chrome glass shower, toilet, vanity, mirror and exhaust fan. Inclusive of all mixer tap hardware

Laundry to include laundry tub and hardware to suit

Timber skirtings and architraves

Standard hollow core internal and solid core external doors

Painting throughout, inclusive of 1 primer and 2 finish coats

Supply of laminate kitchen, with wall oven and bench stove and range hood, stainless sink and mixer

Built in wardrobes with mirror face for both rooms

Electrical throughout Granny flat inclusive of power points switches, basic light batons

Plumbing throughout Granny flat

3000 litre water tank, with rain bank and pump

Hot water system

Water to toilet, laundry and external tap to run from water tank when supply available

Imitation timber, laminate flooring throughout granny flat

TV Antenna and outlet

Telephone outlet connected to location in meter box (excludes any external connection).

Removal of all waste caused by construction activities