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We can assist you with your residential build, at any stage of the process - whether you already have complete plans and supporting documentation or you require a 360 degree Design and Construction service - our experience in granny flats, homes, duplex and dual occupancy residences and small to mid size developments means you will receive a quality build on time and on budget. 



Initial consultation:

The initial consultation is the exciting first step to creating and building your dream project and is the perfect opportunity to share with us your ideas and expectations so that we can design and construct a project that is unique to you. Often, we are guided by visual inspirations when planning a project, so we invite you to bring along with you any project plans already produced, or pictures and colours that have inspired your vision. We also want to know the project's utility - what do you want from this project and what is important to you that be included, every detail, however, small we want to know about to help us design or construct your project. 

And don't worry if you haven't got all the answers yet, or you're undecided between two or more styles or purposes – we're here to help. It may take one meeting or several, either way we'll guide you through the design process, proceeding at your own pace, so we can achieve your vision on time and on budget.  

Design and Virtual walk through

Once we have a better understanding of the look, feel and purpose of your project, you will experiance a high quality digital visual walk through so you can immerse yourself in very a real and almost tangible look of your design. This will also provide another opportunity to change finishes, and the layout of the build while leaving you both very confident and happy in the outcome of the design well before we start any construction.

Ages Build seeks to build relationships with other professionals that assists in realising our vision of Absolute Client Satisfaction and we proudly align ourselves with the team at Studio Elemental who produce the virtual walk through with the same quality and integrity we expect of our Company.



Project involvement and connectivity:

We utilise an online cloud based programme, complete with detailed construction issue, documents and dates. This programme is live and actively updated when commencement and completion dates are confirmed to reflect real time progress as well as when key tasks associated with the project are scheduled. We believe by carefully planning and programming, we can deliver the project with minimal disruption during the construction phase, which is why, each contractor on your project has access to the programme prior to commencement of your project. Importantly, this programme is accessible by you at anytime from any smartphone or PC ensuring you are involved and informed at every stage of your project. 

This programme provides us with a unique and competitive edge as it ensures all parties are fully informed of  time expectations and finishes, and assures you peace of mind that Ages Build will deliver your project on time and on budget.